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DIY Shutters Australia

DIY Shutters Australia


For many years, we have been offering homeowners with a number of choices that can enable them to decorate their homes without spending much. You can buy blinds, plantation shutters or curtains from our online store. Most homeowners prefer plantation shutters to blinds and curtains. Do not worry about the cost of installing them because DIY shutters Australia presents you with affordable products that you are not likely to find anywhere else in Australia. For your information, you will not incur any extra cost to do with installation. In addition, our company offers a wide range of plantation shutters to enable choose without any limitation.

Plantation shutters

Some of the plantation shutters that you can purchase from our company include

• Normandy plantation shutters –The Normandy shutters feature wood material known as Phoenix. These shutters come in a wide range of stains as well as paints. The medium density timber used in designing these shutters makes them ideal for various forms of constructions. You can use them in areas with moisture depending on the kind of finish you will apply on them.

• Woodbury plantation shutters- wood bury shutters are good for areas with excess moisture. The man made shutters feature a timber core encased with a synthetic material known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. They are ideals for places such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen among others. Although they are highly resistant to moisture, these shutters may not be good for outdoor construction.

• Wood lore plantation shutters- Designed from a combination of glue and timber fibers, wood lore plantation are the most stable type of shutters on the market. The mid brown shutters do not have any grain or direction, although they come in a paint finish. The shutters have a high density something that makes them able to resist any knock. As long as you keep them within the required limitations, these shutters rarely warp like most of the other types you may have come across or used before. How do I install plantation shutters? As long as you measure the windows on house correctly, installing DIY shutters Australia is very simple. All the shutters come with simple instructions on how you can install them without any hassle. Alternatively, you can seek for help from our technicians at any time of the day because its team of experts is always ready to help you.

What are the advantages of installing plantation shutters?

• Regulate the temperature of your house

• Keep sunlight out

• Controlling allergies

• Help save more money by cutting on your electricity bills

• Increase your privacy

• Easy to access even for kids

• Attractiveness

In conclusion, with the many benefits that come with plantation shutters, you have more reasons of installing them in your home. Do not worry about the process of installation because most of them come with simple instructions that you can follow without assistance from an expert.

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