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What Features To Consider Before Choosing From A Shutters Sale?

Apart from their allure, shutters can also make an impact on the architectural qualities of your home, and you can easily adjust them whenever you want to control natural lighting and privacy. Decorative shutters tend to be cost-effective, easy to install and functional, while they will can enhance the interior décor by providing additional magnitude and personality to the façade of your home. However, before you head out to a shutters sale, make sure you consider the following features so you may end up choosing the best quality shutters. Here are a few things to look at before you go to that shutters sale:

Compatible Style

If your home has an Arts and Crafts-style, rustic, or traditional interior, then wood shutters will be more suitable. If your home includes contemporary décor, then you will be able to complement it much better with aluminum or vinyl shutters. You can even install shutters that will complement other window treatments, such as curtains or valances. If you have sheer curtains, then neutral shutters will not draw attention away from them, while dark draperies can be paired with chic and sleek aluminum shutters.

Child Safety

If you have little kids and/or pets, then shutters with pull cords may pose a strangulation threat. Fortunately, cordless shutters are available from most manufacturers, in which case the bottom bar of the shutter can be pulled or pushed to lower and raise it.

Durability & Quality

High quality shutters are easily available these days. Along with dowel joints, they also feature finishes that are hand-sanded, hinges that are recessed and wood that is dried in a kiln. However, wood shutters can also warp. Faux-wood shutters are often more durable when they are made of composite or polymer materials.


Dusting narrow-slat horizontal shutters is usually not an easy task. For kitchens, it can be much easier to clean faux-wood or vinyl shutters. When it comes to vertical shutters, ones with removable vanes should be considered for easier cleaning. Often, a damp cloth can also be used to clean shutters.

Privacy Control
Shutters with thin slats that are covered with tape are often a better choice since the slats can be closed tightly to darken a room and get privacy.

Shutter Finish

For a decorative look, shutters should be matched to the flooring, moldings, or window frame. Apparently, many people are fond of cream and white painted finishes, but you should also be able to choose from a myriad of other stain colors.

Shutter Height

When it comes to shutter heights, you can choose between café shutters that cover less than half of the window, half-shutters that cover half of the window and full shutters that cover the window entirely.

Window Size

When looking for a shutters sale, you should not be concerned if your window does not have a standard size. Shutters can be ordered in custom sizes. Window dimensions should be measured precisely, especially if you have an older home, since the dimensions of the windows probably vary. Wall space can also be maximized if shutters are installed within the window casing, or a couple of inches above the outside mount as a result of which the window will look larger.

Unlike fabric window treatments, shutters offer a more solid option for many windows. Today, you should be able to find a wide range at a shutters sale, and considering the above will enable you to choose the right ones.


Shutters Online: Buying The Best

The days when homeowners used blinds and curtains to cover windows are long gone. Nowadays, people prefer installing interior shutters to their homes. Shutters not only offer privacy and protection, but also make a house energy efficient. One of the most popular types of shutters is plantation shutters. These shutters are well-known for their beautiful designs as well as their ability to allow more amounts of light get into a room. A problem occurs in that most homeowners do not know where to get them. The best platform to buy these shutters is via the internet. Below are the benefits of buying platform shutters online.

Why Buying Shutters Online is Recommended

Convenience is probably the biggest benefit of researching shutters online. Homeowners can do this from the comfort of their houses. All a person has to do is visit the manufacturer’s website, place an order and wait for the shutters to be delivered to his or her home. Even better, online shutter dealers usually offer installation services to the buyers. Hence, by buying shutters online, a homeowner gets the chance to have them installed on his/her windows. This saves them the burden of doing the installation by themselves, which can be quite difficult for someone without the knowhow.

Another benefit of researching for shutters online is that the buyer can save money.There is less cost in the travel expenses going to view shutters and visiting multiple showrooms. This means you can transfer the money that you save and put it into the cost of the shutters. Additionally, there is a lot of competition between stores that deal with shutters so searching for shutters online, allows you to find the best cost and quality within your budget. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of online dealers selling shutters. To handle the competition, these online stores have to reduce prices with the hopes of attracting more clients. This is beneficial to homeowners who can now purchase the shutters at lower prices.

A buyer gets a wide variety of shutters from which to choose if he or she buys online. Online shutter dealers offer a wide range of designs when compared to those with brick and mortar stores. Offline dealers lack sufficient space to display all the shutter designs that they have for sale. This limits the number of designs that are available for buyers to view. On the other hand, online stores have a lot of space on their websites to display the shutters they have for sale. This means they can display hundreds of shutter designs for their potential clients. For homeowners looking for a wide variety of shutters to choose from, then buying online is the way to go.

Considering the popularity of plantation shutters, more and more people are installing them in their homes. For a homeowner looking to buy these shutters for his/her home, it is advisable to make the purchase online. Buying shutters online allows the buyer enjoy a lot of benefits while also saving some money.


Shutters For Bathrooms

Many bathrooms do not have windows; something that significantly reduces the amount of light getting inside. For those with a window, the window is often located right inside the shower stall. This presents a bit of a problem when it comes to privacy. The good news is that there are a number of ways to cover a bathroom window without limiting the entry of natural light. One of them involves installing the best shutters for bathrooms.

A Look at the Best Shutters for Bathrooms

A bathroom window is probably the most difficult to dress in a home. There are limits to the colors that homeowners can use, as well as in shape and size. In addition, there are severe limitations in terms of the materials that can be used. Some of the materials used to make shutters for other windows in the house would perish in a bathroom’s harsh environment. Given the bathroom’s saturated atmosphere that contains a lot of moisture, shutter fabrics such as cotton, silk, velvet or wool would be ruined.

Installing shutters for bathrooms over the windows can provide a bathroom with an Old World Charm. Also, such window treatments make it possible for small amounts of natural light to get in, even when the window is closed. Considering the moist environment in a bathroom, usually it is best for wood shutters to be avoided. Instead, the homeowner can go for a vinyl or plastic products that are easy to maintain and clean. Most of the times, shutters best work with windows that are not flush with surrounding walls. The homeowner may have to order customized shutters for the project, depending on the window’s size. This is particularly the case if he or she lives in an older home.

Upon buying or receiving the correct size, the homeowner can install them directly to the window’s frame. This can be done by securing a hanging strip that will give the frame sufficient thickness for the hinges. The hinges are then installed to the frame prior to attaching the shutters to the hinges. Installation can vary, something that will depend on the product.

The best shutters for bathroom are made using a material known as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This material is water resistant, making it ideal for not just for bathrooms, but also any damp or wet area in a house. Robust and hard wearing, these shutters are ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, or any other room that is prone to huge amounts of water. They are ideal for use as indoor swimming pool shutters, conservatory shutters, Jacuzzi bath shutters and shower room shutters.

Perhaps the best feature of these shutters for bathrooms is that they let in little amounts of water. This means that even when fully submerged in water, they suffer little damage. Such an ability to withstand wet conditions means that irrespective of the amount of steam generated, the window dressings will not be affected significantly.

It is easy to control privacy and ventilation in the bathroom with the shutters. The homeowner can open the bathroom window to let in fresh air. He or she can also open the shutter just wide enough to allow steam to escape. This can be done without the bathroom being exposed to the gaze of passersby.


Shutters for Windows: A Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Shutter Colours

Shutters for windows are an excellent way of changing the appearance of a home exterior without spending a lot of money on a remodeling project. Selecting a colour for a home’s exterior shutters depends on a number of factors. Going for the right colour may enhance the colour of a house. However, the wrong colour can end up annoying neighbors. Below are the factors to consider when choosing shutters for windows and their colours.

Choosing Shutters For Windows

Size and Impact 

A home owner should put the size of his or her windows into consideration when selecting a paint colour for the shutters. By going for a colour that matches with the window trim, it is possible to make small windows seem larger. For instance, if there is a white trim around a small window, the owner can paint the shutters white in order to expand the window size visually. Bold, vivid colours such as royal blue, lime green or lipstick red can create a wow factor for a home’s interior. On the other hand, going for a shutter colour that is a shade or two lighter or darker than the home colour can provide a basis for a more monochromatic and subtle colour scheme.

Colours of Neighboring Houses 

A homeowner should tour the neighborhood and make note of the exterior colour schemes that other homes have used. It is advisable to go for colours that are consistent with neighboring houses. This is particularly the case if he or she thinks that she may sell the home at a certain point. Bold or bright colours should be avoided, particularly if they make the house stand out from those around it.

Landscape and Style 

The homeowner should try to attain a panoramic view of his/her home, including the architectural and landscaping features. Then, when choosing shutters for windows, colours of shrubs, flowering plants and other plants are put into consideration. The house’s exterior colour palette should seem cohesive, while also complementing its architectural style and design. Black and white shutters are known to enhance traditional styles, while border colours lean towards a more contemporary design. Going for a window shutter colour in disregard of the whole picture can make a home’s exterior colour palette seem visually fragmented and awkward.

The home’s Exterior Style and Colours 

Unless the homeowner is planning to change the home’s interior, he/she would want the shutter colours to match well with the existing siding, paint, brick or rock. It is important to evaluate the home exterior during different times of the day in order to find out the variation of colour in different light. For those with a poor colour memory, they can take pictures of the exterior from various angles and at different times of the day. The home owner should also figure out whether the home’s appearance is more contemporary or traditional. Traditional style houses often look best if their shutters are painted classic black or white. Bolder shutter colours are ideal for the more modern houses, such as vibrant blue or bright red.


A Buying Guide for Shutters in Sydney

Shutters provide a stylish and chic alternative to curtains and blinds, and are a cost-effective way of updating the feel and look of a room. Also, they are more hygienic because, unlike blinds and curtains, they simply wipe clean and do not absorb dust. Shutters offer Sydney homeowners a great deal of flexibility in the form of different colors, panel designs and slat sizes. One has more control over the amount of light entering a room, something that not possible with blinds. What’s more, Shutters can save residents some money given that they offer additional insulation. This is quite appealing in such cash strapped times. Below is a buying guide for shutters in Sydney.

Shutters in Sydney come in three types: solid, café style and plantation. Most homeowners prefer the plantation style as it has slats (louvers) that control light levels by rotating open and closed. Solid shutters are recommended for those wishing to create a more traditional appearance. They are designed in a way that they can be folded back during daylight and closed at night. Café styles shutters get the name from their popularity with cafes and restaurants. Normally, they cover just the lower half of a window.

Solid shutters are often used for older-style properties, such as Victorian homes. They offer the perfect privacy while keeping out more light. This type is recommended for rooms with minimal and simple décor, and works especially well in country cottages in which during the day they appear quaint folded back. Solid shutters having a solid bottom half and movable slats on top are excellent for French doors. They provide a continental feel that will definitely remind the homeowner of a summer holiday. In the case of plantation shutters, a Sydney homeowner can choose from a wide variety of colors, rods and designs. This means they are suitable for most spaces.

There are certain instances whereby shutters are not suitable. A good example is in the case of windows and doors that open inwardly. The homeowner needs to ensure that once the shutters are fitted over them, they will still open. Should there be any doubts over the suitability of a certain type of shutter, it is advisable to seek advice from the manufacturers.

Another important factor a Sydney homeowner should consider when buying shutters is the materials they are made of. Over the last few years, more residents of Sydney are realizing the merits of shutters. This in turn has resulted in the development of a larger number of materials used to manufacture them. While wood is still the most popular material, buyers can now choose from other materials like plastic and MDF. Despite MDF being cheaper, solid wood is stronger, more durable and more flexible. Elm and Yellow Poplar are among the most durable woods for making shutters in the market. According to tests, these are highly effective against shrinking and warping.

The above guide should prove useful to any resident looking to buy shutters in Sydney. Considering the large number of window placements, choosing the ideal one can be difficult. With this guide, homeowners can go for the best shutters.


Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters can be dated back to Greece olden days. They were invented to regulate sunlight, breezes, wind and also block rain water. The wooden shutter enables individuals to protect themselves and also interact with nature as well. There are many benefits that are derived from the use of wooden shutter. Among the advantages of wooden shutter includes;

Advantages wooden shutters

1. Wooden shutters are very useful especially in hot and warm season since they help to keep the internal environment of the house cool. Naturally wood reflects light thus it does not heat like other materials used to make shutters other than wood such as metal. The resistance of wood to heat helps to maintain cool internal environmental of the house. These shutters are also very useful in extreme cold seasons. The wooden shutters acts as insulators thus helping in energy conservation and minimizing cost that could have been incurred to heat the house.

2. Wooden shutters also perform excellently in the decoration of the house. It is easy to shape the wood into different sizes so that it can fit well and match other components of the house. Since the wood can be easily customized, it makes it the best material for interior and external decoration. Wooden shutters are also known to be very diverse and versatile such that they can fit in any make or décor.

3. The other property of wooden shutters that give them credit is durability. Most of the wooden shutters are not affected by environmental factors. Unlike other materials such as metals that are prone to rusting, wood especially hardwood that has been properly treated can last for many years without any repair or maintenance. Durability of the of the wooden shutter makes it very preferable for most individuals since it saves maintenance and replacement cost in the long run.

4. Wooden shutters are very efficient especially where you want to regulate light entering into your house. Light regulation is made possible since wood reflects light much better than other materials. The wooden shutters are usually deemed to be the best for facilities such as laboratories and other research facilities that require internal environmental control.

5. Wooden shutters are identified with class and elegance. The shutters are never outdated due to the uniqueness and the general perception of the people. Wooden shutters are always associated with the history and have been perceived as the best for decorating the houses. Due to the existence of numerous designs, every individual always have a design to choose from depending on taste and preference.

6. Wooden shutters are easy to install thus home owners can repair or replace them easily without incurring any professional service cost. The ease of installation helps to solve in terms of cost and time used in repairs and maintenance.

7. Wooden shutters are very natural thus not subjected to effects brought about by environmental factors such as fading. They are also very resistant to adverse environmental conditions such as storm hence they are very protective unlike other materials such as glass that break easily.


Flying Aussie dollar hits 29-year high

The Australian dollar has reached a new 29-year high against the greenback, passing 103 US cents.
The dollar gained over 0.5 per cent on Monday to hit its highest level since March 1982, more than a year before the currency was floated.
In recent weeks the Australian dollar has received a boost from rising commodity prices and easing fears of a nuclear meltdown in Japan.
This record has created pricing never before seen for Norman Shutters. Due to the fact that they are traded in US dollars we can now offer them as low as $250 per sqm metre. Without being able to predict the future we cannot guarantee how long the dollar will stay at this high and therefore how long our Do It Yourself Shutters can be offered at these prices.


New maximum panel width on DIY Shutters - Plantation Shutters

My Shutters Online would proudly like to announce after months of research and testing we are now able to provide NORMANDY DIY SHUTTERS (Phoenixwood) at an extend maximum panel length of 1065mm, this is an increase from the original 920mm.

Phoenixwood is a great option for large windows with less chance of dropping over span.

Keep this in mind when selecting your Do It Yourself Shutters.