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An important decision Australian homeowners make when decorating their homes is whether to install blinds, curtains or plantation shutters. Plantation shutters have become a popular choice because they add style, sophistication and value to a home.

Homeowners often believe that plantation shutters are a high-cost option, but this is not necessarily the case. At My Shutters Online, our goal is to give homeowners the option of purchasing plantation shutters without all the extra costs of installation. This is why we offer high-quality DIY custom plantation shutters that can be easily installed by anyone. Without installation costs, we can sell them at a lower price so that you save money.

Purchase our plantation shutters online, do it yourself and save!

Why Purchase DIY Plantation Shutters Online?

The plantation shutters we sell at My Shutters Online are designed to complement any window with style and beauty. We offer only the highest quality plantation shutters made with the finest materials, and built to a high standard of excellence.

We have a range of DIY plantation shutters for you to choose from:

Each of these plantation shutter kits have their own particular qualities and advantages. Some are better suited to damp areas where others are best used in bedrooms or living areas.

Woodlore Shutters

Woodlore shutters are made from a combination of timber fibres and glue, and are known for their stability and durability. In their natural state, these shutters are a mid-brown colour with no grain pattern. To offer UV protection, these plantation shutters are supplied in a variety of paint finishes. These high-density shutters can withstand a knock or two and are not subject to warping when kept within dry areas. We do not recommend installing these shutters in high moisture environments like kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.

Woodbury Shutters

Woodbury plantation shutters are manufactured from a man-made product which has been specifically developed for high-moisture areas. The timber core is encased in a synthetic product called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and these blinds are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. While they are moisture resistant, they are only suitable for interior use.

Normandy Shutters

Normandy plantation shutters are made from Phoenixwood. These shutters come in a range of stain and paint colours. They have a lovely wood grain, and the medium density of the timber makes them durable and resistant to warping. Depending on the finish applied, they can be used in high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

If you would like to know more about how to “do it yourself”, we’ve got great tips and advice on how to measure for plantation shutters and on installing plantation shutters.

Normandy Shutters

Normandy Plantation

Plantation Shutters vs Curtains

When choosing between curtains and plantation shutters for windows there are many features to take into consideration. The effectiveness of curtains depends primarily on the fabric used, and therefore, it makes it difficult to compare accurately. However, we believe, other than the gentle, soft look of fabric there are really no other benefits curtains offer over shutters. Both curtains and plantation shutters have the ability to block a percentage of light from entering a room; however, plantation shutters can be adjusted in a more even and more aesthetically pleasing way. Curtains will often attract dust and dirt, and depending on the type of fabric, they can be very difficult to clean. Cleaning plantation shutters is really quite simple. Regular cleaning with a duster and a damp cloth is all that is required to keep them clean and doesn’t take too long to perform. Curtains can also fade, and they typically lose their appeal after about six years. Plantation shutters will still look like new for years to come, even after your curtains have long gone.

Plantation Shutters vs Blinds

Comparing plantation shutters to blinds is a little difficult because blinds come in a large variety of styles. While some blinds are similar to curtains, others are more like shutters in that that they open with louvres. However, sometimes the strings of these louvres can get tangled or break, generating repair costs for the homeowner. Importantly, blinds are usually of a lower quality and do not add value to a home like plantation shutter do. When looked after, shutters will also generally last longer than blinds.

Learn more about the benefits of DIY shutters and view our Gallery for inspiration!

Plantation Shutters for the Home

How To Install Plantation Shutters

Providing you have measured your windows correctly, installing your DIY plantation shutters should be fairly simple. However, if you would like someone to install shutters for you, we are able to offer an installation service in many Sydney suburbs. Please contact our team for more information about our installation service.

Our measurement guide provides information on how to correctly measure your windows, and detailed installation instructions are provided with your shutters.

If you are installing the plantation shutters yourself, you can find some great tips at the following website: DIY Network

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost

The cost of plantation shutters will depend on the style of shutters you are purchasing, on the size required for your windows, and on the number of shutters required. If you would like a plantation shutters online quote, we are more than happy to help! If you would rather phone us for your plantation shutters quote, you can call us on (02) 8883 3960.

Our friendly staff is here to take your call and to help you make the right choice of plantation shutters to finish your home decorating.

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