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Plantation Shutters Online

Building and owning your own home comes with a great number of choices that need to be made. These can be huge decisions from choosing bricks, roof tiles, floor boards or carpet to the small decisions like what light fittings you want to use. Then there are those long lasting decisions that often get put aside. What window blinds or shutters do you want in your home? The choice you make in window dressing can have an impact on the aesthetics, insulation, ambience, light filtration, privacy and more. At My Shutters Online, we believe the choice of window covering is easy. Plantation Shutters are the way to go! My Shutters Online is a window shutters online shop that believes in the products we sell and have confidence that they are the best choice for you!

When you hear the words 'plantation shutters' you are probably going to worry about the cost. Cheap plantation shutters are not easy to find however, with My Shutters Online, prices are reduced because we give you the option to purchase DIY shutters that you can install yourself. There is no extra cost to cover running costs of a showroom or the cost of installers coming to fit your shutters saving you money when you buy your shutters online.

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Buy Shutters Online: What Is Available?

When you are purchasing timber shutters online with us, we guarantee only the best products on the market from Norman Shutters. Online purchasing allows you to save money so you don't have to put yourself in debt to get the look you want. We have a range of Norman shutters available including:

  • Linden Shutters
  • Normandy Shutters
  • Woodbury Shutters
  • Woodlore Shutters

For more detailed information about Norman shutters,click here.

Linden Shutters

Linden plantation shutters are made from the hardwood Basswood tree. The light, even colour of the Basswood tree makes these blinds ideal to stain and they come in a range of different stain and paint colours so you are bound to find the colour that you need to look just right in your home. Linden plantation shutters are made with a medium density texture and have a good resistance to knocks and bumps. Before buying these shutters online, you can be assured hey have been kiln dried which makes them more resistant to bowing and warping. These blinds are not recommended for wet weather or damp areas, like bathrooms or laundries, due to the UV stabalised single-pack lacquer used on them.

Normandy Shutters

The Normandy plantation shutters are made from Phoenixwood and come in a range of stain and paint colours. Normandy shutters are made with a wood that is generally of medium density making it an ideal product if you wish to buy wooden shutters online. Depending on the finish applied to these shutters, you may be able to use them in damp areas of the home. If you would like more information on what finish is best for wet areas, contact us at My Shutters Online.

Woodbury Shutters

Woodbury Shutters are slightly different as they are made with a man-made product. This product allows these shutters to be used in moisture areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The timber core of these plantation shutters is encased in a synthetic product called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Although this process makes these plantation shutters moisture resistant, these are still only made to be used as indoor shutters. Online quotes can be estimated with us. If you'd like more information on Woodbury shutters, contact us today.

Woodlore Shutters

Woodlore plantation shutters are made from a combination of timber fibres and glue which are known to be very stable. In its raw state the timber is a mid-brown colour and has no grain pattern or direction which is why we provide these with a paint finish. The shutters have a high density allowing them to receive a knock or two. When kept within limitations these plantation shutters are not subject to warping but should not be used in high moisture environments.

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What Is The Purpose of Shutters and Why Buy Shutters Online?

Looking for the right window coverings requires knowledge of what it is you want to achieve. There are a great number of benefits and purposes to plantation shutters. Here are just a few:


One of the more obvious purposes for having plantation shutters is privacy. Your home is your personal space and you don't want people walking by being able to see everything. The idea that neighbours could see all your possessions and see what you are up to in your home any time of day doesn't bring a feeling of safety. Purchasing shutters online allows you to keep your home space private and with the range of styles, sizes and materials available you should find exactly what you need.


Plantation shutters are also used to improve the look in the interior of your home. Shutters have given homes a more elegant look and often are the final touch needed to finish a room. After buying shutters online and installing them, people have often found the value of their homes have increased. So, not only do they look great, they add value!

Sun Block

Many of us will look at getting window blinds or shutters as a sun block. When it's hot outside and the sun is beaming down, you don't want to be stuck in a home that is unbearably hot. Shutters can help! Another purpose of shutters is to block out the heat that is coming from the sun. When you have your shutters closed the sun can be blocked out protecting not only yourself from the heat, but also will help keep your furniture from fading.

Energy Savings

As the plantation shutters are blocking the sun, it is also possible that you can save money on your energy bill. Keeping your home cooler with the use of plantation shutters means you don't have to constantly have your air conditioner running.

Why Purchase DIY Plantation Shutters Online from My Shutters?

The shutters sold at My Shutters Online are designed to complement any window beautifully and in style. We guarantee only the highest quality products made with the finest materials and a high standard of excellence when you purchase our shutters online. Order through us, and we promise to serve you with the highest level of excellence.

What is the Cost of Buying Plantation Shutters Online?

Australia has spoken, and we have heard! This is why we came up with the idea of selling DIY shutters online. We want all Australian home owners to be able to have high quality shutters available to them. The cost of buying our plantation shutters will obviously depend on the size and number of shutters required. We are more than happy to help you out with a plantation shutters online quote. Simply fill out our form on the website or if you prefer you can contact us on (02) 8883 3960.

Plantation Shutters Online

Shutter blinds in your home

Choosing interior windows can be a daunting task. Windows are a pivotal feature in most homes and windows can also enhance other great features by adding more or less natural light. One aspect when decorating your home is considering what type of blinds you want to have to protect your interiors but also provide privacy. Enter shutter blinds.

If you've invested in quality windows, you want a guarantee that the windows you have are purchased are not only beautiful in looks but are also being protected form the outside elements.

Light and airflow are the main considerations in purchasing blinds and shutters. And each individual home will be different in its requirements.

Especially in today's economy, another factor to consider is value for money- if you'd like to ensure that the window décor you have chosen is money well spent then shutters are the way to go. Blind shutters have the most value in comparison with curtains and blinds. Its long life gives more value to homeowners and future homeowners than any other option on the market.

Generally, blind shutters can be expected to last several years with the least amount of care. This is due to the fact that the sun cannot damage these shutters because they're UV resistant. They cannot be damaged by water either, nor by high moisture areas. Their greatest advantage is for those seeking control both over light and airflow into their homes.

There's undeniable splendor in the visual appearance of blind shutters, which easily makes them the ultimate window covering. With a full range of shutter products made from numerous materials and louver sizes, designs are available for every room, from conventional to contemporary, there's just no denying their popularity. And they are sure to offer a lifetime of beauty and a perfect fit to any interior decoration. Plantation shutters would easily transform ordinary windows into inspiring highlights of the house.

Roller shutters are another kind of window treatment that brings huge advantages. A roller shutter is a type of door or window comprising numerous horizontal slats, which are sometimes made of bars and web systems hinged together. The door is raised to open and lowered to close it. Its general function is to protect homeowners against wind, rain, vandalism and burglary attempts. Roller shutter are generally not as appealing in looks as shutter blinds but they are incredibly secure if you're looking for a more secure alternative for you home.

Windows being part of the house that are usually accessorized, contribute a lot to the beauty of the interior in any residence. Homeowners are now realizing that curtains are not the only decorative ornaments to add color and zeal to your interior. Blinds and shutters are now attractive options because of the many benefits they can add to the home.

It may not be known that the window blinds and shutters can result to significant savings in your monthly utilities. Yes, these window accessories can reduce electricity consumption, by reducing the need for heating and air conditioning.

The shutters itself, when closed shield the room from excessive sunlight keeping the room inside cooler, and when open allowing the winter sun to create more warmth in the rooms. Shutters help in allowing to you control the heat and make the room cool. These help in controlling the rise in temperature inside a room.

There are a number if interesting truths about the blinds and shutters which you may not be aware of.

To start with, we know that windows are very important and visible parts of the house. And with good ornamentation these can suffice as your interior decorations without adding much extra. Shutters are a great modern feature for homes looking for a sleek and stylish design.

Window furniture, as they became known, come in different designs, colors and styles. The colorful patterns, which are available in many home depots, can give your home beauty. If you care for simplicity, there are several unfussy styles that can blend with your home décor'. For homeowners who prefer elaborate style, they can opt to match their window blinds and shutters with their interior designs.

Your shutters can provide privacy. These are opaque so that when pulled down, they can conceal the inside of your home from the road, so people passing by cannot see inside. Furthermore you can peep through the blinds to see first who is knocking at the door before you decide to open it. This is not only privacy but security as well.

Light control is another feature that is afforded by this window furniture. You can get as much sunlight as you want by drawing it up and you can restrict the entry of light by pulling it down accordingly. You can even completely block the sunlight if you want to. Restricting the sun from getting inside your home will be protection for the furniture inside as to much exposure to the sun can make your lounges, carpet and furniture fade.

By using natural light you are also minimizing the use of electricity you are using within your home. Again, reducing you energy bill.

Changing the position of the blinds is also very handy and simple to do. You can easily pull it or let it go, as you would do with a simple pulley. Even a child can do this. And the rope or chain is definitely durable to withstand the frequency of use. No unnecessary tangling with chord and chains.

In addition to controlling the heat of the sun, these window decors can also prevent the sunlight in penetrating the room. If there is furniture inside the room, this can be protected from the sunlight thus preventing it from damages caused by the heat of the sun.

The curtains have always been traditional ornaments for windows. However, there are certain drawbacks to these and therefore people are turning to blinds and shutters as simpler options for privacy and exposure.

Curtains are not only dated and can make a room look old, they can easily get dirty which requires frequent washing and cleaning. Often needing to be dry-cleaned by professionals, which can be costly not to mention annoying.

Because of this curtains can become faded and damaged losing their original color, making them look washed out and lacking is luster. Not only the constant washing but also the direct sunlight often leaves one side of the curtain faded and patchy.

Just like curtains, shutters and blinds can be styled, created with different designs and colors. They are also very practical to use, especially when you consider the lesser maintenance, as compared to the fabric curtains. These are fashionable and are easy to install in the windows.

These kinds of window features can offer great security to homeowners. As they can disguise the interior of the house, passers-by will not be able to see through the window to the interior part of the house. In addition to security that comes with using shutters, they also give the owner privacy when they are home to go about their business without neighbors looking in.

Shutters and blinds are also very flexible. You can always open or close them. You can furthermore control the light and not only the temperature. These can block or allow the entry of the sunlight.

One last advantage that can be noted here is the affordability of the shutters and blinds. It can be overwhelming to consider the cost of kitting out an entire house with shutter but you will be surprised at how affordable they actually are. Having the right dimensions and specifications is key to saving money and one of our experts would be happy to come out and give a measure and quote – thus saving any future mistakes in sizing when it comes ordering.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for a measure and quote, one of our friendly team members looks forward to answering and questions or concerns you might have.