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Cost Of Plantation Shutters

Cost Of Plantation Shutters

Cost of Plantation Shutters

If you are a new homeowner or are considering remodeling your home, then you are likely to be thinking about window treatments. If you are wondering if plantation shutters are outside your budget, then reconsider. It is quite possible to find low-cost plantation shutters online. There are various options available that can help considerably trim the costs for purchasing and installing plantation shutters.

If you look at different shutter suppliers, you will find that cost of plantation shutters varies widely, and indeed, a few of them offer reasonable prices. A cost effective option is a shutter made with a synthetic product such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) – like our Woodbury range, or from MDF – like our Woodlore range. These shutters are usually available in either white or a brown or wood grain style finish. White is a popular option and once installed the shutters can give a chic appeal to any room. The advantages of installing synthetic shutters are that they do not warp, and they are not easily damaged by heat or the sun. They are fairly lightweight, and a breeze to clean.

If you prefer a timber finish, then faux wood shutters are also a cost-effective option. They are normally a bit more costly than ABS shutters, although not always. They look great when installed and in fact from a distance it is difficult to tell whether they are made from real hardwood or not. They are usually easy to care for and just need dusting or wiping with a damp (not wet) rag if they get too dusty or dirty. They are heavier than  solid timber blinds, but if you are not going to be opening and shutting them a great deal, they are quite manageable.

If you are set on buying real wood shutters, like Phoenixwood (Normandy range), you do have the option of purchasing unfinished wood shutters. Of course, you would need to have some handyman skills to install these shutters, but if you do or if you have a friend or someone who would like to help with a home improvement project, they may be the idea. The advantage is that once they are finished and installed they look as good as any hardwood blind. You can choose, when buying them, whether you would like the wood prepared for paint or for staining, with the preparation for staining costing just a little more per shutter.

To save money, you can purchase ready-made shutter kits to install yourself. This DIY option allows any home owners to get the best quality product without having to pay extra for installation.

It is also good to remember that standard-size shutters are usually quite a bit cheaper than custom sized shutters. Therefore, if you can purchase standard sizes, you will be able to pick up shutters – made from any material – quite a bit cheaper than if you were to require custom sized shutters.

If you are budget-conscious, here are a few tips for cutting down energy costs with plantation shutters:

  • To reveal problem areas in need of immediate attention, check around windows and doors with a candle to determine where drafts are coming from.
  • Self-stick foam and rolled rubber weather stripping are easy and fast to install, and can substantially contribute your home’s efficiency.
  • Remove and also replace damaged caulk and weather-stripping.
  • Closed shutters, window shades, blinds, and lined draperies all contribute to energy savings by helping to insulate windows.

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