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Plantation Shutters In Sydney: How To Check For Quality

Plantation shutters in Sydney are available in different quality levels. It takes the advice of a professional in the shutter industry to tell what low quality is and what high quality product is. The following factors can help you to check for quality when buying plantation shutters and only settle for the best quality window coverings.

Plantation shutters are usually made from different materials. The materials include composite, polymer, MDF and wood. Wood is usually the choice for may Sydney residents because of its appealing construction and design. The following are factors to help you carry out a comparison for wood plantation shutters.

The Thicker the Better

The thickness of plantation shutters is a strong indication of quality. The stiles thickness range is from 3/4 ” to around 1 – ¼ “. The stiles are the vertical supports found on the right side and left side of the panel. The rails thickness can be as little as 1/2”. Rails are the horizontal supports that run across from top to bottom. When you choose thicker stiles, you most definitely choose higher quality and remember a shutter installed using more materials is more stable and hence has less probability to sag or warp over time.

Rails thickness and stiles thickness can be the same. However having thinner rails is not a big problem. Experts usually use thinner rails to factor in design element. This doesn’t mean that quality is compromised because what matters more in plantation shutters installation is the thickness of the stiles.

A Rabbet Cut forms a better quality joint

Plantation shutters are made by joining a number of panels. Each of the panel to be joined is cut to make them straight, flat-edged to allow the two to easily hold up against each other. However this approach forms a hideous gap between the panels that can affect the function of the plantation shutters by allowing light to seep through.

A better approach for joining the panels is to rabbet them. A bit of the panel lip is carved into each panel to make one panel overlap the other by approximately a quarter of an inch. The rabbeted panels do not leave any gap and hence block out light to ensure that plantation shutters offer maximum privacy among other benefits.

Dowel-and-Glue Joints are of better quality

Rails and stiles are usually joined together using dowels and glue. For quality plantation shutters in Sydney, two dowels should be used in each joint.

Use the above factors to check for plantation shutters in Sydney with more high-quality characteristics. When it comes to buying these window coverings, buy quality but do not buy more shutters than you need. Buy high-quality plantation shutters just enough for your home improvement project. If you are you are doing a DIY project, make sure you have the right tips. One important thing to have is the right measurements. Once you have high quality shutters, the right windows measurements then you can easily install the window coverings. However if you prefer to have someone else do the work for you, contact My Shutters Online for reliable recommendations.

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