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Quality Plantation Shutters

Quality Plantation Shutters

Quality Plantation Shutters: A Range Of Choices

Plantation shutters are an ideal window treatment option. They offer a home a traditional interior edge while still maintaining its natural beauty. Once a homeowner has decided to decorate his or her windows with plantation shutters, the next step involves choosing the best materials. Below is a look at various materials used to make quality plantation shutters. This will help homeowners choose the right shutter material for their homes.

Some of the materials used to make plantation shutters are poplar, basswood and various fine woods. Although poplar and basswood are technically hardwoods, they are lighter and softer than other hardwoods like oak or maple. Basswood can take a finish well, meaning that it can either be stained or painted. On the other hand, Poplar does not have a uniform colour, as it ranges from white to green to light purple. Hence, Poplar should only be painted and not stained.

Plantation shutters made of true hardwood like maple offer high levels of value and quality. As much as their initial cost may be higher than that of Poplar or basswood, the manufacturing quality is definitely superior. There is better chance that plantation shutters made of maple will last longer than those made using more affordable materials. Solid hardwood shutters offer greater aesthetic appeal, irrespective of whether they are painted or stained. The grain pattern and natural beauty of the various hardwood species presents an unlimited assortment of style and design for plantation shutters. What’s more, the homeowner can choose a wood species and finish that can match his or her existing décor. Shutters made of high quality wood can also be custom made in a way that they fit window openings precisely. If the shutters are installed professionally, they will look like they belong there in a way that enhances the room’s beauty.

One advantage of wooden plantation shutters is that there is an unlimited choice of colour. Wood shutters can be painted any colour, with most homeowners choosing to paint the current trim colour of their home. This way, the shutters will match seamlessly with the décor. Staining is also possible. For those who like the look of stained shutters, then wood is the right material for them. Most manufacturers can custom match the stain of a homeowner’s furniture in a way that the shutters blend perfectly. Wood is also lighter than other materials, making it more durable.

It is worth bearing in mind that both basswood and poplar are quite soft, making them susceptible to dings and dents. In larger openings that often require extra reinforcing or additional stiles or rails for rigidity. Also, the overall height or width of a plantation shutter may be limited. The type of joinery used on these shutters is another factor to consider. Plantation

shutters made of basswood and poplar typically represent mid-market quality and pricing, meaning that they are slightly inferior in quality.

When it comes to versatility, durability and beauty, no material used to make plantation shutters can match dense hardwoods like maple. Other excellent choices include mahogany, walnut, cherry, alder and oak. As much as quality plantation shutters made of hardwood may be slightly expensive, their lifetime value exceeds that of cheaper alternatives by far.

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