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About Our Quality and Value

My Shutters Online are industry leaders in the supply of high-quality DIY plantation shutter kits. Our DIY Shutters will save you money and enhance the style and quality of your home.

My Shutters Online is deeply committed to providing Australian homeowners with high-quality and long-lasting plantation shutters. At the forefront of the industry, we have watched the market grow over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, we have seen it flooded with cheaper and inferior quality products. As competition increased, suppliers dropped their prices, and this drove a need to cut costs. Inevitably, the market saw an increase in poor quality products.

We are industry-leaders guided by a promise to maintain high-standards in product quality. Therefore, we have chosen to supply Norman Shutters – manufactured with the highest quality workmanship. Norman Shutters have never wavered with their commitment to supplying a superior product at an affordable price.

To remain competitive – and to maintain the quality of our products ­– we have reduced our overheads by selling online. We rely on highly-valued customer recommendations rather than spending money on advertising, and we do not have the costs of maintaining large showrooms. We are also one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Norman Shutters and our strong and committed relationship with our manufacturer means that you get the best price possible. While you save money, our DIY Shutters remain of the highest-quality!

Plantation Shutters Online

At My Shutters Online, we continue our commitment to supplying our existing and new clients with first-rate Do-It-Yourself Shutters. Our aim is to ensure that customers will be proud of their shutters – and pleased with the style and elegance their shutters bring to their homes. We are dedicated to continuing our business-growth through our high level of service and expertise. Our position in the market means that our customers receive a superior quality product at the best possible price.

Our DIY Shutters will save you money and enhance the style and quality of your home.

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