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Timber and Wood Shutters

Normandy plantation shutters are made from Phoenixwood and come in a range of stain and paint colours. Normandy shutters are made with a medium density wood with a distinctive grain pattern, visible even through the paint finishes. The timber is kiln-dried, making them resistant to warping and bowing, and depending on the finish applied to these shutters, you may be able to use them in damp areas of the home. If you would like more information on what finish is best for wet areas, contact us at My Shutters Online.

Woodlore plantation shutters are made from a combination of timber fibres and glue, making them very stable. In their raw state, the blinds are a mid-brown colour, without pattern or direction. Therefore, they are not suitable for staining, and instead, they come in a range of paint finishes. The shutters have a high density allowing them to receive a knock or two without being damaged. When kept within limitations these plantation shutters are not subject to warping but should not be used in high moisture environments.

Woodbury / Faux Wood Shutters

Woodbury Shutters are made from a manufactured product and they are suitable for use in moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The timber core of these plantation shutters is encased in a synthetic product called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Although this process makes these plantation shutters moisture resistant, these are still only made to be used indoors. If you’d like more information on Woodbury shutters, contact us today.

faux wood woodbury shutters

When you purchase shutters online with us, we guarantee you the best products on the market. We are proud to offer Norman Shutters because of their high-quality, durability, and style. My Shutters Online are pleased to supply a range of Norman shutters.

If you are a homeowner, a renovator, or if you are building a new house, you will be making a lot of decisions about how best to style your home. These can be huge decisions – from choosing bricks, roof tiles, floor boards or carpet, to the small decisions – light fittings, door handles, light switches. Choosing your blinds or curtains is a significant step in setting the look and style of your home, and there are many considerations that will guide your ultimate decision. The choice you make can have an impact on the aesthetics, insulation, ambience, light filtration, and privacy of your home. At My Shutters Online, we believe the choice of window covering is easy. We are proud of the products we sell and we feel confident that they are the right choice for you!

You may associate plantation shutters with high-cost, but with My Shutters Online, prices are reduced because we give you the option to purchase DIY shutters that you can install yourself!

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