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DIY Interior Shutters

DIY Interior Shutters

DIY Interior Shutters: Keep the Prying Eyes Out

Interior window shutters have been used for a relatively long time, first on the inside and then now on the outside. They are commonly installed as; a shade to prevent the sun beams from getting in too early, to keep the prying eyes of nosy neighbors out or just as some form of architectural beauty. They also help in keeping the winter’s cold breezes and the summer’s heat waves at bay. They are relatively easy to install on either side of the window. They attach to a very thin frame that’s either on the inside of the windows opening or on the outside of the windows frame. The shutters have to be installed without blocking out all the light. Therefore, the frame should be in the correct position, to allow the shutters, the needed mobility. The fitting of shutters is a quick process that you should be able to handle.

How to make the shutters

Shutters can be made of synthetic material or wood. So it’s up to you as the homeowner to settle on the brand you thin would work best for you. The decision to settle on a shutter should be based on the beauty and the strength of the material used. If you have some technical knowledge, you can make your own shutters using wood which is the easiest to work with in a home setup. You also have the option of looking for DIY interior shutters online.

Taking measurements

Make the window measurements so that you can have a baseline on where to start. The measurements are made from several positions for accuracy reasons. Vertical, take the measurements from one side, the middle and then the other side. Horizontally take the measurements from top, middle then the bottom. It’s also fundamental that you take the length of the diagonals. You will use the measurements to make your own shutters, or send them to the DIY interior shutters online company.

Fitting the shutters

Shutters come in a variety of tastes; you should ensure that they come in a color that won’t make the window look conspicuous. You have to make certain that whatever addition you choose is congruent with the layout and color of your home. Attach the hinges 4 inches from both the top and bottom of shutter frames. Be careful not to over the drill. Ensure that the screws are sufficiently tightened. When the hinge is well in place the shutter should open and close more efficiently.

Now hold the shutter up and ensure that there is some space between the window frame and the shutters, to allow the swinging movement of the frame. Mark the spots on the window frames for where the shutters will be attached. Once you’ve drilled the spots, hold up the shutter and mount it to the window frame and ensure that the screws are tight enough. Ensure that the shutters are properly working so that if there are any adjustments, you can make them immediately.

Bonus tip: Before ordering DIY interior shutters online, ensure that you have conducted an analysis of the material that’s best suited for your home. The windows shutter treatment was initially used in townhouses to add a touch of beautiful details. Now you can add beauty, enhance privacy and improve the climatic conditions inside your home. The best part is that you can do it yourself.

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