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How to Install Plantation Shutters

how to install plantation shutters

How to Install Plantation Shutters

Installation of plantation shutters in your room not only makes the windows of a house look beautiful, but, it also adds glamour to a chamber. We have different types of Shutters that a contractor can buy and include; poly and faux wood interior Shutters, Poly Bilt Shutters, and the Customs Wood Plantation Shutters. When shopping for any of these shutters, you have to consider the quality and size of the Shutter to use.

It’s paramount for anyone who wants to install Shutters in his or her house, to ensure the following steps, on how to install Plantation Shutters are followed:

Step1.Measure the size of the window

Taking accurate measurements of your window is crucial, before you purchase
a Shutter. By relying on these measures, you will be in a position to choose the right sizes and shapes of the Shutters that best suits the size of those windows.
Therefore, make sure you take accurate measurements of the top, middle, and
on the bottom side of all windows in your house. These measures will help you later
when you’re choosing the right Plantation Shutters that matches the windows sizes.
Moreover, ensure you go with the bigger measurements of the three sides, before installing the mounts on the top side of the windowsill.

Step 2.Installing the Mounts

Before, you even start to install the mounts on the windowsill, begin with the inside
mounts. So as to install the right window casing that will support the Shutter. Alternatively, you can start with the outside mounts; by attach the Plantation Shutter on the outside part of the window casing. Then, using the wood shim, attach the window casing to the top of the windowsill to support the Shutters, and ensure they installed in the right position. After, placing
Shutters in the properly, hold them gently and mark holes using a screw, then remove the Shutter and put them aside. Finally, drill holes in the marked areas and ensure you make slightly smaller holes than the sizes of the screws you
will use. Wear safety glasses while drilling the pilot holes to protect your eyes.

Step3.Attach the Shutters to the mounts

Again take the Plantation Shutters and reposition them to fit the drilled holes.
By using a drill try to drive the screws into those drilled holes to make the Shutters secure and firm. Repeat the process for all the Shutters.

Step 4.Add the finishing touches

After attaching the Plantation Shutters in the correct positions, ensure the screws
are secure enough to hold the weight of the windows. Then, cover the screws using screw covers. Use a towel to cover the “screw covers” and the surrounding area. Next, tap the screw covers gently with a hammer. Then, you can apply decorations to the installed Shutters by adding knobs to them.

For those who their houses fitted with Plantation Shutters are living testimonies, they admire everything about their houses. Installation of Plantation Shutters is less expensive and convenient to undertake as you only need to acquire the necessary tools and apply your skills.

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