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What Makes Plantation Blinds A Valuable Addition To Your Home?

Plantation Blinds

What Characteristics & Properties Make Plantation Blinds A Valuable Addition To A Home?

Plantation blinds or shutters are an intriguing alternative to regular, standard blinds that can transform a window into the center of interest of a room and provide privacy. These blinds make it possible to let both air and light into a room as desired since they can be opened and closed conveniently. Unlike most window treatments, these blinds can actually add value to a home because of their innovative characteristics and properties.


1. No Cords

Although this feature is still patent pending, the latest plantation shutters do not have any exposed cords. This feature makes it possible to lower or raise the blind to any position with just a gentle pull.

2. Unobstructed View

The latest plantation shutters also do not have any extending tilt bars. This technological innovation has made it possible to perfectly align all the louvers in any position because they all move in a synchronized manner. This means that clutter is eliminated as a result of which a wider view is received that is not obstructed.

3. Disease & Pest Resistant

A particular variety of plantation shutters or blinds are made from Phoenix wood, which is also called Paulownia. Phoenix trees are fast-growing trees that are capable of regenerating from their stump, hence their name. These shutters are known as Normandy shutters. They happen to be sustainable blinds that not only have a high strength-to-weight ratio, but also offer natural disease and pest resistance.

4. Outstanding Privacy

Not many window treatments are able to offer a similar level of privacy as plantation blinds do. These blinds do not possess any unsightly holes that impact privacy and permit light leaks. The latest plantation shutters have a modern and sleek appearance with optimum and outstanding closure.

5. Flexibility & Strength

Woodbury is a special type of plantation shutters. These plantation shutters are produced to be flexible and strong. These shutters have an exceptionally durable, resilient and waterproof coating of advanced thermoplastic material (ABS) over them. As a result, Woodbury plantation shutters offer the ultimate cupping, twisting and warping resistance, even when the weather is extreme.

6. Durability & Robustness

Another type of plantation shutters available today are the Woodlore shutters, which are coated with patented polypropylene. This makes their surface utterly durable and robust, as a result of which they offer the utmost chipping and cracking resistance in the long run. When it comes to coastal regions where the humidity and temperature are always high, Woodlore plantation shutters can prove to be an ideal choice.


The concept of plantation blinds dates back to the days of plantation blocks where these shutters were used to control the flow of air and light so that interior temperature could be maintained. Modern day plantation shutters are also serving a similar purpose but in a more advanced manner. The above characteristics and properties should make it evident why these shutters can prove to be a valuable addition to any home. These shutters are available in various designs and types, such as the ones above, so finding a suitable on for your home should not be a problem.

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