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Painting your Plantation Shutters Kits

Plantation Shutters Kits

How To Paint Your Old Plantation Shutters Kits

When you purchase new Plantation Shutters kits from My Online Shutters you are investing in your home. But what are you going to do with your old plantation shutters? Make your old plantation shutters kits truly a part of your home by customizing them with a coat of paint.

Before you begin set up a work space in a well ventilated area. Use temporary screws so the shutters can hang freely. This will allow easy access to both sides of the shutters . You can also create a work space on the floor using newspaper. In this case you would need to allow time for one side to dry before painting the other. Wear a mask while using paint or primer.

Step One: Remove Your Shutters When removing your shutters from the window label each side, so you know the position and side of the window that they hang. Also take note of the position of the hardware. This way you can return your shutters to their previous position if you wish to put them back up.

Step Two: Remove Hardware Do not try to paint with the hardware attached. The end result will be better if you do not paint around the hardware.

Step Three: Clean your Shutters If your shutters have dust or grease and you do not clean them the paint may not stick or the particles may be visible under the paint.

Step Four: Sand Your Shutters Paint will not adhere very well to slick, oily or shinny surfaces. Sand the Shutters with fine grit sandpaper. After you have sanded them be sure you have removed all sand dust so the paint will be smooth. Liquid sander (available at your local home improvement or hardware store) is a faster option. It will clean, degrease, and chemically sand the surface of the shutters with less effort. When using liquid sander allow time for your shutters to dry.

Step Five: Primer A thin coat of water based primer will allow your color to last longer. Open the louvers at an 45 degree angle and then spray. Allow the primer to dry completely before you begin to paint.

Step Six: Paint Use either spray paint or a High volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray system. If you have never spray painted before, we suggest using a scrap piece of wood for practice spraying. To begin spray painting shake the can until you hear the metal ball inside rattle. Once you begin to

spray paint, only spray in one direction. Left to right or right to left. Anytime you are spraying make sure the spray can is moving. When you are ready to stop spraying release your finger from the spray nozzle while you are still moving the can.

Using a paint brush is not recommended. The result will be less and optimal. Using a paint brush can leave small gaps which you will have to fill. When the paint dries in the gaps that must be filled your shutters may not operate smoothly or not at all.

Be sure the paint has dried completely before reattaching your my plantation shutters online to the window.

Happy Painting.

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