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Woodlore Plantation Shutters

woodlore plantation shuttersIf you are shopping for plantation shutters and you want the character of wood but you want to spend too much, then Woodlore plantation shutters will be ideal for you. With the Woodlore variety of plantation shutters available at My Shutters Online, you can add remarkable comfort and style to your home. These high end options will allow you to create a magnificent look at your home.

With years and years of manufacturing brilliance and distinction, the woodworking techniques that are employed to make these shutters are the same as those that proficient artisans tend to use. Rest assured, every shutter is made of the finest materials and is specially handcrafted for each individual buyer.

All of these Woodlore plantation shutters are crafted from Customcraft, which is a combination of glue and timber fibres. Since they are made from a man-made material, they are somewhat eco-friendly. Being made of Customcraft also ensures resistance to denting, fading, moisture damage, scratching, staining, yellowing and warping. These shutters can be regarded as fine furniture for windows since their quality can be compared to that of Norman Woodlore plantation shutters.

Woodlore Plantation Shutters

Reinforced Engineered Stile

Customcraft blosters the stability of the stile’s core, since it consists of a large amount of timber fiber mixed with glue. So, the stile is able to serve as an ample and robust support system for the shutters.

Prescription Customcraft Conditioning

Customcraft is made in such a way so the environmental conditions where the shutters will be installed are emulated by the material. As a result, any shrinking and swelling after the shutters have been installed are reduced.

Mortise & Tenon Joint

Mortise and tenon joins are traditionally used in building construction and demanding furniture. When operating a shutter, a grave amount of racking forces and shear stress are applied, and this is why mortise and tenon joints are used since they can withstand these forces and stress.

Patented Polypropylene Coating

Unlike traditional paints, this patented Polypropylene coating tends happens be far superior, as a result of which the shutter surface becomes extremely durable and sturdy. It does not chip or crack over time, which is usually the case when traditional paints are used.

Benefits Of Woodlore Plantation Shutters

= Both absolute privacy and full view are offered

= Utmost flexibility is offered

= Louvers tend to be moveable

= An ordinary Phillips screw driver can be used to adjust blade tension

= Can be easily installed, plus they come with all of the essential mounting hardware, so nothing else has to be purchased

= Can be easily cleaned using just soap and water, and they tend to be low maintenance

= Years of hassle free service is provided by them

Apart from wet areas, Woodloore plantation shutters from My Shutters Online can be used just about anywhere inside the home. A damp cloth and/or sponge can be used to clean, and the satin finish does not get damaged. They happen to be easy to install and come fully assembled. So, if you want robust and stable plantation shutters for your home, the Woodlore variety at My Shutters Online is worth considering.

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