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These elegantly designed plantation shutters look beautiful covering almost any type of window. Looking online you can easily see a very large selection of what is available and note the variety of material they are made from. The cost of these fine shutters depends a lot on the actual size of the window you are hoping to cover and the type of material that you are looking for.
The original shutters, made to withstand hurricanes and dust storms, were made from local hardwoods. This type of wood is still used today, and you can find many beautiful blinds made from Cedar or Aldar wood. Of course, they are also the more expensive shutters too, as anything made from hardwood ends up being quite costly.

Buying DIY Shutters Online

If you’re looking for a cost effective option, My Shutters Online offers the best wood Plantation shutters.

Matching color and decor

It is very difficult to match colours over the internet exactly. Computer monitors are set at different frequencies and are calibrated differently. What you see on the screen may not be what you get when your request arrives. Indeed, wood shades can be immeasurably different. If coordinating your blinds to a specific shading shade, or wood grain or shade, My Shutters Online will provide you with guidance on perfect matching.

DIY installation

Are you truly confident that you will be able to put up the blinds yourself? While it doesn’t take an expert to install plantation shutters, it is more complex than simply attaching a roller blind, for example. If you aren’t familiar with basic handyman tasks, or you don’t have someone nearby who is willing to help,My Shutters Online is the solution for the the best a

Correctly sized blinds

Be sure that you know how to measure your window and know exactly where and how the blinds will be fastened before you go ahead and make your order. We have known individuals to have requested not only shutters but other home decoration who have been being tragically frustrated when they find that the estimations they sent were not right or that they confused the rules on the best way to quantify.

Take care when taking the measurements of height, width, top, bottom and middle. Always be double sure when taking measurements and always get specific information in regards to the units required from your supplier. Ideally feet or metres should be used but check the units used by the company to be sure you give the right details.

One major consideration that is often overlooked is the shape of the window and how the shutters would be fitted. You need to check for tilts, angles, misalignment and frame strips and any other restrictions you may have when fitting the shutters. A small but simple recommendation is never use a fabric tape measure. It is best to always use a metal tape measure to ensure absolute accuracy.

So, if you are planning on ordering shutters from an online store, there are a few things that you need to take into account. First of all, make sure that you take the measurements properly. My Shutters Online site gives you clear instructions about DIY shutters online on how to measure, and if it’s still not clear you should definitely drop them a line, or call if there’s a number available, to confirm exactly how to do it.

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