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Easy DIY Shutters For Your Home

Easy DIY Shutters

Shutters have been used since the Greek times. However not many people know and use shutters in their homes. People continue using net curtains for privacy. There are a number of wall coverings you can use for your home including curtains and blinds but easy DIY shutters beat them all.

Why Easy DIY Shutters?

Easy DIY shutters have some unique properties not found in curtains and blinds. First off, they are the best in offering privacy. With just one stroke, you will have the privacy you need in your home even during broad day light. You can regulate the amount of light entering your room while still maintaining privacy. There are a number of easy DIY shutters designs that adds to the finesse of your home and complement the interior decor. The design your choose has to blend well with the home interior decor. Besides, plantation shutters come in a variety of colors to match your home. They are a great source of insulation against heat and cold for your home. Though shutters are not the easiest window coverings to clean, they come handy for large windows compared to other options like blinds which are not easy to remove and wash.

Measuring your Windows
Shutters are easy to install but only with good measurements. It is easy to measure your window with only a tape measure. Though most windows have the same size, they may not be exact rectangles/squares and thus the need to measure them before ordering shutters. To easily measure your window, take a tape measure and measure the height and the width of the window at three places. For window height, measure the left, the middle and the right side of the window. For window width, measure the bottom, the middle and the top. Of the three measurements for both height and width, submit the smallest measurement while ordering. Once submitted the company selling shutters will make necessary deductions to make installation easy.

Easy DIY Shutter Kits to Choose from

Woodlore Shutters
These stable shutters are a combination of glue and timber fibres. Though their raw state colour is mid-brown, they are sold in a paint finish and you can choose from a variety of colours. They have a high density and are not prone to warping. It is advisable that woodlore shutters are not used in high humid environments.

Woodbury Shutters
This is the best plantation shutter for high moisture areas. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene also called ABS encloses the timber core to make it resistant to moisture. They can be used for kitchen and laundry windows.

Normandy Shutters
Made from Phoenixwood, Normandy shutters come in a variety of paint colours and stain. The timber is medium density and thus great for plantation shutters. They may be used in wet areas depending on the finish.

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