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Installing DIY Shutters

Installing DIY Shutters

Installing DIY Shutters

Installing DIY shutters can be easy. It could only take you a few hours depending on how many windows you want to install. There are shutters that are for decorative purposes since they add appeal to your home. They can easily last for many years if they are properly installed. Shutters can also create more privacy be it from your neighbors or passers-by. Allergy sufferers also benefit from installing DIY shutters. For those that live in accident prone area shutters are very necessary. Usually the colors in your home will help you to choose that of your shutters. A piece of scrap plywood should be laid on the worktable to prevent it from damage as you drill. The tools needed for installing DIY shutters include exterior coated screws, drill bits, clear silicone caulk, cordless drill, step ladder, pencil caulk gun and spacers.

Plantation shutters come with adjustable wood frames and louvers that make your window look beautiful. You are able to easily adjust the amount of heat and light in your room to create more comfort and ambience. There are certain considerations you have to make. One of them is whether you want to use hardwood or softwood for your DIY shutters. If you choose unfinished shutters you will have the chance of painting them to the exact shade you want. Then wait for a day to ensure the finish is hardened. Hold up the custom shutters to the window to ensure that they fit. Again you have to decide whether you want your shutters inside or outside of the window.

No matter your mounting style starting by measuring your window is always a good idea. If mounting from outside measure from the sill to the jamb at the top for the length. For the width take the measurement from jamb to jamb. If mounting from the outside the window casing style will determine how you take your measurements. You start by measuring the width and height of the area you want the shutters to cover.

With flat casings attach hinges directly but if it slopes attach a block of wood against it. The hinges should be at halfway the length and at halfway the width. Ensure that every shutter is the right side up before mounting. Drill pilot holes where the screws are to be attached being careful not to drill right through to the shutter frame. Mounting is easy, you hold the shutters up and you position them into the pilot holes. Screw the frame into its place and on the wind Sill Mount magnetic catches. Finally snap in the filler strips.

Being able to follow instructions on installing DIY shutters on your own is now quite easy. Therefore if you are installing your shutters for renovations or the reasons mentioned above you have no reason to feel frustrated and call it quits. To get plantation shutters to easily close and open for window frames that are not completely square or rectangular or bowed you need to use shims so that the shutters can properly fit.

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