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Plantation Shutter Products: Which One Is Right For You?

Plantation Shutter Products
Plantation Shutter Products: Which One Is Right For You?

When purchasing plantation shutter products for your home, it is important you think about what you need from your shutters and which product will give you the desired outcome. Here at My Shutters Online, we have a few different plantation shutter products to choose from and here we have outlined some of their properties to help you make your decision.

Plantation Shutter Products

Woodlore Plantation Shuuters

Woodlore plantation shutters are made from a man-made product customcraft. This product is made from a combination of timber fibres and glue and is known to be very stable. Customcraft is often used int he manufacture of furniture and shutters. To give it a sooth finish it is extruded in conjuction with a polyprophylene coating.

This plantation shutter product would be ideal for those with a smaller buddget.

The colour of the Woodlore shutters in its raw state is a mid-brown colour with no grain pattern or direction. For this reason, these shutters are supplied with a paint finish. This paint finish means that the product is not subject to colour change.

Woodlore shutters have a high density which makes it ideal if your shutters are likely to get bumped a lot. The shutters are dimensionaly stable and, when kept within limitation, is not subject to warping. These plantation shutters are recommended for use in high moisture environments, like the bathroom.

Woodbury Plantation Shutters

Woodbury Shutters are made from artwood which is another man-made product which was developed for moisture area applications. The product is made using a timber core and is encased in a synthetic product called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Artwood is available in a range of 6 standard paint colours and is unable to be stained due to it being a synthetic product. The painted nature of Woodbury shutters mean that it is not susceptible to colour change.

The Woodbury Plantation shutters are made from a very hard wearing material making it more resistant to knocks and bumps thatn your average timber. Warping is also not an issue as the timber used within the components is laminated.

These blinds are idea for moisture area applications such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Normandy Plantation Shutters

Normandy Plantation Shutters are made from Phoenixwood which comes from the Phoenix Tree and is classed as a hardwood.

The Phoenixwood naturally has a very even colour making it ideal to stain. These plantation shutter products come in a range of standard paint and stain colours. The wood has a distinctive porous grain patter which is visible even through paint finishes. Due to the paint or stained colour, these shutters are not susceptible to colour change to any great degree.

Phoenixwood is a medium density wood ideal for blinds and shutters and can offer a reasonable amount of hardness giving it a good resistance to bumping. The moisture resistance of these shutters comes down to the finish applied and these plantation shutters are not recommended for wet weather areas.

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