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Guide To Plantation Shutters: The Benefits For You And Your Home

Guide To Plantation Shutters
Guide To Plantation Shutters

We’ve put together A Guide to Plantation Shutters to inform you of all the benefits of investing in Plantation Shutters for your home.

Selecting the right window dressing for your home doesn’t just make a difference to the aesthetics. It influences your very lifestyle! Insulation, ambience, light filtration, privacy and mood are all affected by the blinds or shutters you choose for your home.  With all that in mind, A Guide To Plantation Shutters Is Necessary to ensure you are making the right choice for your home.

A Guide To Plantation Shutters

While Plantation Shutters are not strictly a blind, they offer the same purpose and more for your home. In recent years, Lourve-style Plantation Shutters have become popular as they allow you total control of the privacy, light and heat that enters your home in an exceptionally stylish manner.

By simply adjusting the slats on these lourve-style Plantation Shutters you can turn the day-to-night – pefect for those who are fond of a midday nap!

The flexible slat control also makes Plantation Shutters easy to maintain and keep clean!  A quick brush with a cloth over each slat on a regular basis will suffice. use  a damp cloth used to remove tougher stains.

A Guide To Plantation Shutters. Plantation shutters are made from solid, good quality timber making them a wonderful investment as they will last for years to come. Cheaper, alternative materials are also available which serve the same great purpose but many not have as long of a lifespan.

Plantation Shutters come in a number of designs and colours. They can also be altered to fit all shapes and sizes of window, from arched to bay so you have every window in the home covered!

Plantation Shutters are opened and closed using a hinged motion, similar to doors. This gives them extra strength and means that Plantation Shutters will not suffer the same maintenance and repair issues as blinds that require a flimsy pull-strings to operate.

A Guide To Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters are also the safer option for your home. When closed, plantation Shutters provide an extra added layer of security to a room as they are thicker and tougher than regular Blinds, deterring intruders from attempting to break in through your windows.

You can also purchase Plantation Shutters as a room divider. Away from windows, plantation blinds also make great room dividers. If you have a large room that you would like to separate into two different living spaces, a row of plantation shutters could provide a stylish solution.

If you feel you need more of A Guide To Plantation Shutters contact us. We’ll be happy to help.



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