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Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Why Choose Plantation Shutters
Why Choose Plantation Shutters


Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home? There Are Many reasons why people choose Plantation Shutters over Blinds for their home these days.  While more expensive to begin with, consumers are now seeing the increased benefit of attaching Plantation Shutters to their home.

These trendy window coverings are a fantastic investment for your home. Here’s a few reasons why. . .

Why Choose Plantation Shutters For My Home?

Quality Shutters never go out of fashion, which is great because they have a lifespan much higher than a curtain or blind. While curtains and blinds date and wear, Shutters have a timeless design and last a lifespan of 10-20 years. If colour schemes change dramatically, they can even be re-painted to go with the new decor.

Shutters are incredibly low maintenance and easy to clean! Unlike blinds or curtains that will see you battling with the washing machine or sneezing as you battle dust removal, shutters can be easily hosed down each season to look like new!

Why Choose Platation Shutters? They are made of strong durable material that is easy to maintain and lasts! Materials include hardwood, synthetics, hollow vinyl, to medium-density fibreboard wrapped with vinyl, or solid polymers. These materials differ depending on your needs and budget however your should take into consideration that plastic or hardwood shutters will ultimately last longer and may be worth the initial expense. Vinyl shutters are generally a lower-price option and will have the look and feel of plastic but are most likely to sag yellow over time.

Plantation Shutters serve greater purpose than blinds and curtains in that they are complete light blockers and complete privacy givers. Their ability to do this means that your home is always more secure and at a better temperature. In fact, statistics show, that homes with shutters deter most burglars from break-and enters.

Better still, as shutters are blocking UV rays from your home they help to keep the cool air in (or the warn air in, depending on your season) this reduces your home electricity bills significantly making them a healthy investment.

If you are not yet convinced Why Choose Plantation Shutters for your home is a wonderful idea, consider this. Plantation Shutters will add monetary value to the sale of your home. If you’re thinking about selling it may be worth the investment in Plantation Shutters as Real Estate Agents will add value to the Market Appraisal of your home.

So, Why Choose Plantation Shutters for your home? There are so many reasons why these wonderful window coverings are a worthwhile investment over blinds and curtains but possibly the best thing to do is to experience it for yourself! Contact us to view our wonderful range of shutters today.

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