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Choosing Shutters Over Blinds

Shutters over blinds
Choosing Shutters Over Blinds

Houses designed to let in fresh air and sunlight into their rooms help their homeowners cut down their expenses on power and gas bills. In part, the use of shutters and window blinds made it possible for architects, interior designers, and construction companies to build Australian homes that are well-ventilated and adequately insulated throughout summer and winter. Choosing one type of window covering over another depends on several factors, so why should you choose shutters over blinds?

Economical Reasons for Selecting Shutters Over Blinds

Because people had to pay a cheaper upfront cost for home and office blinds, majority of consumers mistakenly assume they’re buying less pricey window coverings compared to shutters. They also expect to reap the same benefits from other types of shades or window treatments in the market. Yet, this is definitely far from the truth. It’s smarter to invest in window and doorway shutters over blinds because these add more value to your home during the yearly appraisal of your property. In case you decide to sell your property, you’ll have a greater chance of increasing your asking price from the buyer because your home has hardwood shutters with a luxurious finish. They certainly look more appealing and last longer than fabric-coated PVC blinds.

In terms of durability and stability, shutters have solidly built frames made from fortified materials designed to withstand high levels of structural stress caused by strong winds, stormy rains, and pelting snow and hail stones. Moreover, shutters have sealed frames that completely block sunlight, moisture, dirt, and sand particles from entering the house. Sealed frames also control the movements of cool and warm air pockets inside your home. This, in turn, regulates the room temperature in different areas of the house.

Environmental Reasons for Choosing Shutters over Blinds

The economic reasons for using shutters rather than blinds also lead to environmental benefits that you and your community enjoy. While PVC blinds allow you to wash or wipe them dry, they’re not really biodegradable, which means they present great risks to public health and environmental safety after they’re discarded. At the same time, homeowners still have a chance to recycle shutters made from aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass and other durable materials.

Aesthetic Reasons for Adding Shutters to your Home

While fabric-protected window blinds offer consumers a wide variety of designs to match their interiors and furniture, plantation shutters made from lacquered Normandy wood or those made of Western red cedar complement with any architectural style or type of furnishings.

Find out which of these types of shutters fits in nicely with your personal style. If you’d like to know more about our shuuters available, contact us today!

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