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How To Install Plantation Shutters

How To Install Plantation Shutters

How To Install Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an elegant addition to any home and their popularity is increasing. This is because plantation shutters compliment any décor. Whether you have a modern or older-style home, plantation shutters add style and sophistication. In addition, plantation shutters have wonderful insulation properties – allowing you to control the amount of sunlight in a room. They also protect your family against allergens that are commonly found in fabric window treatments (e.g. dust and mold).

Buying shutters online can be a great way to save money. DIY plantation shutters are easy to install and offer a great way of improving the look of your home.

Below is a step-by-step guide for installing plantation shutters.

Tools and Materials

To install your plantation shutters effectively, you will need a pencil, level, drill (1/4 inch drill bit) and a shutter kit that fits your window dimensions.

Step 1: Measurements

The first thing you will need to do is get the measurements of the windows on which you will be installing the shutters. Accurate measurements ensure that you order the correct shutter kit size.

For detailed instruction on making measurements for your plantation shutters, please see our measurement guide.

Step 2: Determine layout using filler strips

Ensure you have several filler strips preferably 1/8s. These are important because they can be used as the template to achieve a given layout. Apart from this, they can be used together with the shutters if you want to increase the overall width.

The filler strips should be held to the window frame at the front edge. Once this is done, you will need to level the screw holes and make a mark of each place the holes ought to be. Once this is done, use the ¼ bit drill to make the drill holes.

Step 3: Determine the Shutter Size

The next thing you will need to do is get the shutters together in order to measure the width when they are together.

Step 4: Filler Strip Attachment

The first thing you need to do before attaching the filler strips is to determine how many you need. Mostly, four filler strips are required. This is however dependent on the size of the window. Once you’ve known the number of strips you need, the next thing you need to do is insert each screw into the shutter frame. After this, you need to get the filler strips through the screws you have inserted into the shutter frame.

Step 5: Shutter Mounting

To mount the shutters you need to hold them into position in a way that the screws and the holes you had drilled are aligned. Once you have done this, tighten the screws to hold the shutters tightly in position. When doing this however, it is important not to make the screws too tight since you might need to make adjustments. If the shutters are well aligned, get the screw cover plugs and insert them.

Step 6: Hardware Placement

Marking On the face of the shutters, create a pencil mark going down. On the mark, place a lever and use it to draw horizontal lines on each of the two sides of the shutter frames. After this, you will need to measure the centre point and draw a line vertically that will intersect with the horizontal lines. At the points of intersection, drill holes. These holes will be used to drill in the knobs. However make sure to attach the latch on the left side only.

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