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Plantation Shutters For Windows

plantation shutters for windows

Plantation shutters are a classy and low maintenance alternative covering for windows. They have several benefits over curtains and other blinds. These shutters are not just utilized for increasing privacy in a home, filtering sunlight into or out of a room or improving security any more. Nowadays, these high-quality shutters are popular among interior designers as a design statement, as well as among homeowners looking to add value and style to their homes.

An Overview of Plantation Shutters for Windows.

Plantation shutters are available in two types: solid or slatted, also referred to as louvered. They are made of wood and can be slatted just like blinds. As a matter of fact, most people refer to them as shutter blinds or plantation blinds due to the manner in which the slats, or louvers, are opened and closed in a similar way to blinds. However, there is a difference in that blinds are made using cheaper materials that do not have the features associated with shutters or capable of lasting as long.

Plantation shutters for windows are usually fitted as part of the window in a way that they block out more light. The solid wooden shutter offers some benefits over other window coverings such as less maintenance, more security and privacy, helping improve sleep, as well as increasing the value of a home. These shutters can even assist home occupants who are suffering from allergies. Another benefit is that the shutters can be fitted to any shaped window, including angled, arched and round windows. They can even be adapted to various shapes required for glass roofs and conservatories. In addition, they do not have to cover the entire window as partial covering can increase light and privacy while adding style.

These shutters can also be made using solid wood in two or three panels that open out to fully cover the entire window or fold back into the window recess. Such plantation shutters for windows offer even more security while blocking out even more light when compared to louvered blinds. An older type of the shutters can be found in country houses and period homes. They are a popular choice for kitchens.

When shopping for plantation shutters, it is important for a homeowner to know if he or she is buying custom shutters truly designed for the windows or if the manufacturer will cut stock panels down to fit. Most of the times, the prices are the same. There are also some important features to watch out for. A custom shutter company will take exact measurements of the home’s windows and make shutters to fit. Plantation shutters designed in the double hung fashion or with a divider rail are ideal for bathrooms. They make it possible for the bottom louvers to be closed for privacy while the top ones are left open for light and view.

When closed, plantation shutters for windows offer privacy, protection and warmth. When opened, they induce a sense of spaciousness while offering breathtaking views. These shutters are an elegant option to add security, warmth and design to any house.

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