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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Plantation Shutters Melbourne

How to Identify Quality Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Plantation Shutters can make your home fashionable by bringing out excellent looks. Whatever your budget, you can be able to find plantation shutters to meet your needs. Differentiating between high quality and low-quality products may be a challenge if you are not a professional in the shutter industry.

There are many factors to consider before buying plantation shutters. We will consider ways to differentiate between good quality plantation shutters from the bad ones. Shutters are made from composites, MDF and polymer materials. Wood plantation shutters are mostly used as they are easy to design and construct compared to others. We major in Wood plantation shutters Melbourne area and all other areas of Australia.

1. Louver shape

When considering traditional plantation shutters you may look at louvers which have an elongated shape. Many manufactures make louvers with flat shape since they can easily be worked on. They are around half an inch thick in the middle and narrow at the edges. Flat profile is fast to put sand, paint and stain than an oval shaped shutter. Even if they are fast to work on, flat louvers are not quality flaw, especially considering that there are elliptical counterparts.

2. Warranty

The confidence of a company in its products is measured by whether they offer a warranty. Many manufacturers offer coverage for 10 to 25 years. Other manufacturers offer lifetime warranties and this is given to the original purchaser of the house. Since plantation shutters are built to last long and most people nowadays move more often than in the past, some companies have started offering transferable warranties that can be transferred to the next home owner.

One should consider the warranty term and the longer the better. Find out what is covered in the warranty because some companies exclude the finishing. Finally, make sure the company is established and they will be in existence for a long time.

3. Periodic Adjustment

Creating balance between positions of the louvers by adjusting them is called tension control. If the shutter is used for many years, it can easily loosen. The solution lies in tightening the tension if it is possible. One tightens the screw to increase tension and loosens it while decreasing tension.

Some manufacturers may not provide screw to the shutter for one reason or the other .One should ensure the shutters you buy are designed to last long by getting tightened louvers.

4. Plastic Staples on the Tilt-Rod

Tilt-rod is a vertical piece of wood running down the middle of every shutter panel that holds every louver. Some manufacturers put plastic staples instead of metal ones. Plastic staples are complex and fragile compared to the metal ones. If you lose staples, one can get replacement from most hardware stores.

5. Get Quality Shutters, Don’t Buy More

Buying quality shutters is of great importance. A great point to note is that one must avoid getting more than he or she needs.

For more information on buying DIY plantation shutters in Melbourne, contact us today!

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