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Wood Plantation Shutters: Buy Yours Online

wood plantation shutters

Wood in its many varieties is used to make different things. It is because of its unique qualities that My Shutters Online have been making wood plantation shutters that offer the sense of style and privacy that many home owners need.

Some of the qualities associated with some types of wood include decay resistance, which is essentially the best quality when it comes to shutters, vibrant colors, cool grained texture, and availability. Although some of the types of cedar wood have been heavily harvested and considered endangered species, at My Shutters Online we ensure that these are not used. However, this does not make it impossible to find some cedar plantation shutters that are rare. Though the prices may be a bit high, you will end up with a plantation shutter that would last for many years.

Wood Plantation Shutters

We offer a great number of shutters including:

  • Normandy Shutters
  • Woodlore Shutters
  • Woodbury Shutters

Each of these shutters comes with their own list of benefits that you can enjoy for yourself by adding them to your home. If you take a look at our gallery you’ll find there are shutters which are suitable for just about any room in the house and if you are not sure which is right for you, all it takes is a simple phone call to us and we’re always happy to help.

You too can enjoy installing these shutters yourself with DIY shutters available at My Shutters Online. But remember, taking the correct measurements of your windows is very important since the shutters cannot be adjusted once made. There are at least two measurements you should be absolutely sure of.

First you have to decide whether to install an inside (recessed) mount shutter or an outside mount shutter. For inside mount shutters you only need to take measurements of the inner walls of the recessed window frame. However, some shutters work well with windows with deep recesses some it is important you do your research and decide what is right for your home. Another thing to note is that the shutters should flash with the wall so the depth measurement is also important.

Outside mount shutters are measured differently. For the width, measure the length from the outside of both sides of the architrave. That way you will not have your cedar plantation shutters being oversize or under-size. The height depends on whether or not your window has a sill. For windows without a sill, just measure again from the outside of both sides of the architrave- top to bottom. For a window with a sill, take measurements from the outer edge of the top side of the architrave to the top of the sill. This is very important to note.

If you would like more information on these products be sure to contact us. At My Shutters Online we want to help you make your home the most beautiful it can be. Adding plantation shutters may just be that final touch your home needs.

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