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Woodlore Plantation Shutters.

Woodlore Plantation Shutters.

Shutters with a blend of Nature and Man-Made: Woodlore Plantation Shutters.

In your home, privacy is one of the most important things to look into. My Shutters Online offers a wide range of plantation shutters that provide a unique and stylish way to ensure you of such privacy. Among the different types are Woodlore plantation shutters. In a nutshell it is a blend of natural wood fibers and plastic, coming together to make a one-of-a-kind material for your shutters.

Woodlore plantation shutters, better known as Customcraft, are made from a combination of timber fibers mixed with glue, extruded in conjunction with a polypropylene coat to give it a smooth, even finish. All this, like stated before, give it strength and durability to withstand most weather conditions.

If you want to do your shutters on a budget this would be the most appropriate one to go for. This does not mean that it will look cheap over your window. Its quality and color will add that sense of style that would have everyone appreciating and marveling at it.

It comes as a plain color and so extra care and decorative ideas should be considered before ordering them. Since it has no grain pattern in its natural state you should consider the paint finish in which it should come in. The advantage of this is that it will not change color after some years.

It is a high-density product that can withstand a lot of beating which means that you can use it even on windows in the living room where there may be heavy traffic. If you have kids in the house who perhaps like playing games that might mean coming into contact with the shutters then this is the shutter for you. Actually, Woodlore plantation shutters can be recommended for any window in the entire home due to this hard quality. However, caution should be taken when installing them in moist areas such as bathrooms. Although it is not known to warp, a high moisture concentration may damage the paint finish that prevents it from warping. There are other shutters that you may consider for bathrooms.

As usual a product’s lifespan will depend on its care and protection. Be sure to wipe them of any dirt or liquids from time to time. Using a soft cloth and solvent will not only give it the clean look that you want but also go a long way into making it more durable. In fact, unlike curtains, shutters can last the entire lifespan of the home if properly take care of.

Since Woodlore plantation shutters are heavy they may cause a safety hazard when used over large windows. Choose the appropriate style or design for your windows by consulting a qualified handyman or interior

designer. Of course they are 100% Guaranteed to last for a long time if properly fitted, preferably a fully installed project.

So before anything, consider contacting a professional on our Contact Us page so as to make enquiries on where to fit your Woodlore plantation shutters. We are always there on hand to make your plantation shutter dreams a reality… That is why we are My Shutters Online.

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