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Plantation Shutters – Making the Right Choice

plantation shutters
Plantation Shutters – Making the Right Choice

Selecting the right window dressing could be the making of a room, having an impact on aesthetics, insulation, ambience, light filtration, privacy and more. With window blinds, the choice is wide and varied, and different styles are available to match your décor or practical needs.

Plantation Shutters or blinds are quickly becoming one of the most popular window coverings on the market. They are incredibly functional, easy to keep clean and look fantastic. Made from strong materials, Plantation Shutters last a lifetime and offer a huge range of advantages for your home that other blind types simply can’t offer. Available in a large range of styles and colours, If you are looking for a blind that will provide all your needs while suiting the interior décor of any home, you just can’t go past plantation shutters!

Although not strictly a type of blind, plantation shutters provide an attractive alternative to curtains, as well as a number of practical benefits. Similar to wooden Venetian blinds, bringing all the advantages that this style offers, the slatted design of plantation shutters first became popular in the southern United States, where they got their name.

With their wide louvre layout, the shutters are perfect for restricting the amount of light and heat from the strong midday sun that enters a room – a feature that was particularly important in the days before air conditioning – but their attraction today is largely aesthetic.

Due to the control over the angle of the slats, light filtration can also be regulated depending on the position of the sun, or can be closed completely for those requiring a daytime nap!

Similarly, this slat control means that the desired level of privacy can be achieved with a simple adjustment.

Their sleek design also makes them incredibly easy to keep clean. A quick brush of a duster over each slat on a regular basis will suffice, with a damp cloth used to remove tougher stains.

Plantation shutters are, more often than not, made from solid, good quality timber, making them ideal for insulating rooms and retaining heat during the colder months. They also look fantastic in these natural tones and are strong, meaning they will last a lifetime in your home!

The elegant style will match any décor, with a number of designs and colours available to choose from. They can also be altered to fit all shapes and sizes of window, from arched to bay.

As they are opened and closed using a hinged motion, similar to doors, plantation blinds will not suffer the same maintenance and repair issues as blinds that require a pull-string to operate. This also means there are no cords or cables hanging down from them that might pose a health risk to animals and small children.

When closed, plantation blinds provide an extra added layer of security to a room. With fabric blinds or curtains, an opportunistic intruder might break a window to gain entrance to your home, but a solid wooden shutter would deter this.

Away from windows, plantation blinds also make great room dividers. If you have a large room that you would like to separate into two different living spaces, a row of plantation shutters could provide a stylish solution and make your rooms more functional.

Plantation Shutters are a favourite when it comes to usability and style. They promise to be functional in your home for years to come while remaining stylish.

If you are thinking about installing Plantation Shutters in your home, call us today. We would be happy to help you select the best plantation Blind for your home.

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