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Wooden Shutters – A Stylish New Alternative

Home improvement doesn’t have to involved huge renovations and extreme makeovers, the solution to brightening up your home could be a few simple improvements and enhancements to a specific area of your home. If you looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-do facelift for your home, then why not consider updating your windows? With a simple window makeover it can completely change and modernize the look of your home giving it a contemporary look and adding value to your home.

Some simple changes you can make include adding blinds, or shutters. Wooden shutters are a great alternative to blinds and are easily installed. They have a classic look that suits almost any type of home décor and come in a range of colors and types of material.

One of the easiest ways to decide what type of wooden shutters you would like is to browse this website. We have a huge range of wooden shutters to choose from and suit all budgets.

With all the options to choose from its good to make some notes of what types of features you are looking for a in your window décor.

Starting with a budget is probably the first things to do, and then working out what types of timbers and styles fit within that budget. Speaking with one of experts can also help you get the best bang for your buck!

After you’ve set your budgets, consider the type of wood and style you would like in your home. Looking through our selection can be a great way to decide what your eye is drawn to and what you like the look of. This will be an important aspect of your decision so make sure you understand what you’re looking for before you buy anything or agree to anything.

There are lots of wooden shutters available on today’s market – and lots of online companies selling them at competitive prices. At My shutters Online, we not only offer competitive prices, but we also provide instant quotes, measuring guides and an array of quality assistance from our experts to help you choose the right type of shutters for your needs.

Available in a wide array of styles, finishes and patterns, wooden shutters are fully customizable to your personal tastes as well as the specific dimensions of your home. Wooden shutters are versatile enough to match any style of home from any period. They are produced with top-quality craftsmanship and wooden shutters can be an excellent finishing touch on a fixer-up or give a facelift to a home that has been in the family for years, but needs that piece of historical authenticity.

With customized wooden shutters, you can also accent tough-to-fit rounded windows. Wooden shutters are categorized as operable (meaning that they are able to be opened and closed) or decorative. The ability to be either opened or closed makes operable wooden shutters very practical for any homeowner.

Practical Benefits of Wooden Shutters

Top-quality solid wood shutters without the use of fillers create a product that is less susceptible to the elements, and can provide complete protection from the heat and the cold. Wooden shutters have been historically used to regulate hot temperatures and unfavorable conditions in the weather. Top-hinged Bahama shutters, for example, are used in storm belts because they can be closed quickly in response to the arrival of extreme weather. Louvered wooden shutters are excellent in tropical climates because the panels have wooden slats that can be opened halfway to let in ventilation while still protecting from the harshness of the sun.

Wooden shutters made from solid, top-quality wood are also less likely to crack or leak. This can prevent you from spending money on repairs to the shutters themselves or also damage done to your home from leaking water. Because of the variety of top-quality wood and its natural resiliency, wooden shutters can be extremely versatile.

Teak, mahogany and cedar are all high-grade woods that have FAS, 2FAS or CLEAR qualifications, and each can be better suited for different climatic conditions. Spanish cedar, which is one of the most durable high-quality woods, is also resistant to termites, fungus and moisture.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Wooden Shutters

In addition to the practical cost-saving advantages of wooden shutters, they are also a perfect adornment for any style of home from any period. The vast possibilities of style, finish and patterns means that custom wooden shutters can be produced to create endless designs. Exterior wooden shutters can perfectly accentuate a Craftsman style home or even a single-story condo.

Choosing wooden shutters over other materials can really make an impact on your home that stands out from the rest.

Fully Customized Shutters for Your Home

With a fully customized set of wooden shutters personalized to the specific style and dimensions of your home, you can enjoy the benefit of a beautiful accent to your property and also reduce heating and cooling costs. By customizing every aspect of your design, your wooden shutters will not only be a decorative representation of your personal tastes, but can provide a specific functionality in helping your home be energy-efficient.

In addition to choosing a style, finish and pattern, additional customizations such as inlays, shutter horns and moldings can further enhance the customization process of your wooden shutters. With shutter horns (top- or bottom-panel extensions), your shutters will obtain enhanced durability and better weatherproofing. With moldings (custom-carved panels) or inlays, your custom wooden shutters can be given a truly personal touch giving them character representative of you and your home.

Particular consideration needs to be given to how much care is required for shutters, in particular wooden ones.

Despite the fact that wooden shutters don’t require a lot of maintenance, and are incredibly durable, to get the absolute best benefits from wooden shutters, it’s a good idea to give them the proper care.

Some tips to give your wooden shutters a long life:

First, take into account that the sun is considered as one of wooden shutters’ toughest enemies. Wood shutters are continuously subjected to the sun’s rays throughout the day. Whenever possible, if your shutter is exposed a great deal, don’t paint your shutters with a dark color due to the fact that dark colors soak up more heat. Heat makes the wood expand and crack. Once it’s cracked, water and insects will find their way through these breaks and definitely will begin to damage your shutter.

Second, do not forget that water is additionally among wooden shutters’ worst adversaries. If water does affect your shutters at all, a quick wipe off will prevent further damage.

Allowing water to stay on your shutters can have some lasting affects. The moment water seeps into the wood and moist forms inside it, your wood will certainly begin to rot and it will eventually end up being damaged, and unrepeatable. Just make use of damp fabric and immediately wipe them dry.

Lastly, Don’t use any kind of abrasives or harsh solutions to clean shutters. Using these components might remove its finish. In addition to that, these types of chemicals could also have an effect on both you and your family’s wellness.

Taking care of your wooden shutters is easier and better than replacing them. Prevention is a far better alternative to replacement. Cheaper too!

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