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Measuring Your Windows: Ensure your shutters will fit first time

Measuring Your Windows
Measuring Your Windows

Measuring your windows before you purchase your shutters makes the job much easier and helps us to have you ready  much faster.

When measuring your windows, do it twice to ensure your measurements are correct. Once you make your order, your measurements can’t be adjusted!

It’s handy to understand exactly what your new shutters are going to look like before you begin measuring your windows. This helps the process of measuring your windows as you have more of an understanding about how they Will fit.

Plantation shutters feature one or two shutter panels hinged to a frame. The panel holds louvers, which rotate open and closed; stiles running vertically on the sides; and rails running horizontally on the top and bottom.

Measuring your windows: Examples for plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters are simple to measure, but accuracy is essential. You must use a steel measuring tape for accuracy. Measure all windows, even though they may appear to be identical. Plantation shutters are mounted inside your window (recessed mount).

An Inside Mount fits within your window frame. It is a sleeker and preferable method for hanging blinds and shutters.

Most shutters can be mounted inside the frame as long as their depth fits within the window’s frame.

Depending on whether you have protruding windowsills around your window, the blind may allow light into the room through size cracks. This can be fixed by following examples here.

Measuring your windows: How to

First, determine that there is a minimum of 40mm of clearance around the frame so that the shutter won’t catch on the frames. Special attention should be given to window openings that have: sloped sills, window cranks, latches, security devices, removable screens, etc. because they may obstruct the shutter frame. When measuring for Inside Mount make sure that you have the proper clearance depth shown above based on your measurement to the front of the nearest obstruction.

WIDTH: Measure the width of the window opening in 3 places (top, middle, and bottom). Take the smallest of the 3 measurements and write it down. This is the width you will order. Do not make any deductions! The factory will make a small deduction from each for easy installation.

HEIGHT: Measure the window opening height in 3 places (left, middle, right) and take the smallest measurement. This is the height you will order. The factory will make a small deduction to the height measurement to provide easy installation. Measuring Your Windows: Ensure your shutters will fit first time

The factory will make all necessary deductions for inside mount for ease of installation.

Window Shutters over 1200mm high will automatically include a centered divider rail.

If you are measuring for shutters that will mount on the outside of your window frame contact us for measuring advice or visit our website.

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