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Options for Shutters: Pick the best from our range!

Options for Shutters
Options for Shutters

There are many options for shutters available from My Shutters Online. Depending on your décor, or perhaps where you live, one of these options is sure to suit your needs.

We’ve written a list of options for shutters below. There is sure to be something there to suit your needs and personal style. 

Options for Shutters

Woodlore: Custom-crafted woodlore is manufactured from a variety of timber fibres and glue, therefore creating dimensionally stable options for shutters.

It is used worldwide in the manufacturing of furniture and becomes great options for shutters as it is not only useful for general window applications or tracking door applications, but is a great option for a budget conscious customer.

Customcraft Woodlore is a mid-brown colour with no grain pattern or direction. It is also not subject to change colour. Due to its stability and lack of grain it is not subject to warping when kept within limitations. It has low resistance to moisture although it is not recommended for use in a bathroom.

Customcraft Woodlore has high density, can take a knock extremely well, and is quite a heavy product.

My Shutters Online have a variety of different options for shutters and Artwood /Woodbury is great for moisture area applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries etc.

As Artwood (Woodbury) is a man-made product from a timber core and is encased in a synthetic product called ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) any moisture coming in contact does not cause damage. Although this product is moisture resistance, it is not waterproof and cannot be used for exterior applications.

Due to Artwood being available in 6 standard colours, is it unable to stain. It is also not susceptible to colour change and wont warp so you know when you buy it, it will stay the same!

The final options for shutters from My Shutters Online are Normandy (Phoenixwood).

Phoenixwood is available in a variety of standard stain and paint colours, and due to its distinctive porous grain patterns, the pores will be visible after painting finishes. Variation in colour and texture is not generally of any great degree, and like Basswood it is neither too heavy nor too light but still has good resistance when taking a knocking, warping and kiln drying. Options for Shutters: Pick the best from our range!

Its moisture resistance also comes down to the finish applied to the surface, and is not recommended for wet weather areas.

If you would like anymore options for shutters or information on our range, please, contact us. 

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