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Wooden Plantation Shutters: Real or Fake?

wooden plantation shutters
Should your wooden plantation shutters be made of real or faux wood?

If you are choosing to get wooden plantation shutters for your home, you are probably trying to decide whether you want to get real wooden shutters, or faux wood shutters. Our question to you is: Why get an imitation when you can have the real thing?  Companies will try and tell you that the faux wooden plantation shutters are just as good if not better however, this isn’t necessarily true. There is nothing like the real thing!

Real or Fake Wooden Plantation Shutters?

Wooden plantation shutters are the most sturdy and durable of all plantation shutters. Somewhere along the line however, people have started to believe the real wood shutters will warp and discolour over time. This is not true! When the shutters are made with the best wood products, you find yourself with a long lasting product and although they may not be as cheap as the faux wood products, they are still worth the investment simply because they are a shutter that you will not have to worry about for years.

Fake wood plantation shutters are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF). This is a chemically engineered wood, breaking down wood residuals, not a full piece of wood, into wood micro fibres. The fibres are then mixed with resin, formaledhyde and wax. They are then placed in high temperatures and pressure to form shutter components. The process continues in more depth however, the only real value in these shutters is that they are slighly cheaper. At My Shutters Online however, you have the option to install your shutters personally, giving you more room in the budget to spend on the actual shutters themselves.

Another point to consider is the maintenance level. The level of care and maintenance required for real plantation shutters is no more than is needed for faux wooden plantation shutters. So, when it comes to purchasing your plantation shutters, do your research and don’t just look at cost. Look at a range of products, ask questions and make sure you are getting the right wooden plantation shutters for you!

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Article by Heidi Cridland


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